Good to see you automation for meetups

After each meetup many of you receive email with the subject Stay in touch! and a link to with simple questionnaire page How was the Meetup?

To keep networking level high I prefer to Say hello to everybody, but i’m too lazy to do it manually otherwise I would not be a developer, so here is a solution! as many sites uses jQuery library, which means that we can open Developer Console in our browser and run simple JavaScript command which will do all the magic for us:

  1. Go to page with questionnaire form
  2. Open Developer Console in Crome, FireFox, Safari, etc
  3. Run following code:
    var i;

    function tryToSayHello() {
        var button = $('p.gtsy > a.D_submit').not('.g2cu')[0],
            next   = $('a[rel=next]');

        if (button) {

        } else if (next) {

        } else {

    i = setInterval(tryToSayHello, 300);



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